10.06.2012    DVB-S/S2 Receiver with MPE IP-Decapsulator  

DIVIBROAD recently delivered the first of the new MPE IP-decapsulators of the R-2710 production series to its customers. This device has been developed to receive satellite transmitted multicast MPE data streams with included IP-packages and to give them out over an Ethernet interface. Configuration is optionally possible by the use of the front panel, a web-based GUI, a USB port or password-protected remote-access via satellite link. The receiving module supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulation with QPSK/8PSK and 18APSK. The device is equipped with two 100 Mbit Ethernet interfaces – one for IP output and one for management. Furthermore there is a USB-Host and -Device port. Connecting an USB flash drive, using the integrated USB-loading function, simplifies an update or the reconfiguration of the system. It can be either ordered as a table unit or with an installation depth of 150 mm and a half 19 inch width. It works without fan and less than 15 watt power consumption. 5 seconds after start-up the system is ready-to-operate.

The R-2710 was developed in cooperation with partners due to a customers specification.

Datasheed R-2700