DDIVIBROAD has tested together with the MEDIA BROADCAST, a leading full-service provider broadcasting and media industry, its SD / HD Broadcast Encoder H264 E-4101 for the new solution NewsSpotter+.

Media Broadcast provides IBC 2013 in Amsterdam this mobile system solution for IP-based video and audio transmission before. NewsSpotter+ combines the capabilities of the Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite, which was designed specifically for IP services with your broadcast next generation network (NGN network). Thus, high-quality live streams can be routed directly to the control room of the radio and television broadcasters with the highest quality of service. Due to the widespread availability of satellite and easily transportable flyaway antennas allows NewsSpotter + built quickly and therefore the mobile data transmission from the free field. NewsSpotter + is so in terms of SNG new standards in terms of use, ease of handling and cost of data transfer. 

The DIVIBRAOD E-4101 H264 encoder is ideal for use of the new service because it requires no native receiver on the receiving end. Generated by the E-4101 DVB-compliant RTP stream can be decoded with any broadcast receiver that has an IP input again. The extensive tests were carried out with a RX-8200 receiver manufacturer Ericson.


The key features of the E-4101 are:

  • Low cost
  • Start time of 10 sec / Power Consumption less than 12 Watts / fanless operation
  • Robust hardware architecture based on FPGA chip for 24/7 use
  • "Easy-of-use" menu navigation and operation via front panel or WEB GUI
  • H.264 high profile / level 4.2 Half-duplex (1-30 Mbps) 4:2:0 encoding up to 1080p
  • CVBS, YCbr, HDMI, SD / HD-SDI input (4:2:2) supported
  • Rugged 19 "/ 19 ½" aluminum housing with internal power supply